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" It's more important to look good on paper than in person"

My Story


Tishina has been an entrepreneur for 11years.  Making Millions of dollars in the Network Marketing industry is where she got her start.  It wasn't until a turn in her business that made her focus in on her personal finances.  She admits to having over 2 Million Dollars of debt.  Living a lavish lifestyle and feeling financially trapped.  

Tishina, decided to dedicate her time to learning about MONEY.  After, doing intense research, taking courses, reading books and working on her own finances.  She now want to help others.  

Tishina believes that no matter how much money you make.  Everyone has the potential to be RICH.  

Money and Marriage


Talk about two people who are made for each other.  Curt and Tish have been in business together for the last 5 years.  Working hard to build an empire with four children.  They will both admit that in prior years they never worried about how their money was managed because they were to busy working on making more.  Today, they make sure at least one day a month is dedicated to going over their finances.  When asked How do you make money and marriage work?  Their response "Prayer, Communication and We have the same long term vision for our lives together" 




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Tishina Anderson